Air Pruning Pot / Air Pruning Container

What is the ‘RootPlus’?
– Root Air-pruning System

The ‘RootPlus’ is a root air-pruning container has unique,
beneficial structure for root growing environments which make roots grow healthy.

RootPlus, its distinctive design has a cone-shaped wall part.

This leads roots into air holes without circling.

When a roots tip reaches the end of a holes, they get dehydrated and make more root fibres and root brances.

It will be repeated in the Root Plus.

Eventually plants can have healthy root structures to absorb water and nutrients for their growth.


Maximized air pruning effect

- Bumps inside the pot induce the end of root to vent hole on the outside of pot.
- Roots reaching to vent hole naturally are air pruned (dried root ends), and 5~10 fine roots are divided from the root for further growth.
- Roots grown in RootPlus contains more moisture and minerals compared to root system of plants grown in general pot.
- The pot quickly grows thick fine roots that well resist replatation stress, prevents spiral root and shortens replantation steps.

Maintenance cost reduction

- Solid structure of RootPlus protects roots from the external shock to keep the plant much longer.
- The plant grows as a tree with superior fine roots, increase the air density inside RootPlus which leads to increase of beneficial organisms helping healthy growth of root.
- No defects in replantation by developing fine roots of tree. (99% of replantation success rate)

Material cost reduction

- Due to unique structure and shape of vent hole and bottom board at the outside of RootPlus, more compost can be put in compared to other pots.
- Therfore, if general pots allow average 1 year of plantation, RootPlus can grow plants for longer period.

Excellent durability

- It is very solid, and recyclable as it is made up of ecofriendly HDPE, which is also used in making disposable platic bag, containers and toys.
- Contains anti-ultraviolet agents, which enables its use at the outdoors for more than 5 years.